Custom 'Made For You' Jewelry

Are your windowsills decorated with beach stones?

Do you bring home treasures from the beach?

Do you have a unique or special stone with sentimental value?

Turn Your Treasures into Adornment!

Good Vibes Only, Beach Vibes Always:

No matter where life takes you, wear the laid-back vibe of the beach. Refind Silver Jewelry encapsulates 'that sun-kissed feeling', the sound of crashing waves and salty breezes, bringing a calm and serenity into your everyday adventures.

Spread Joy with Unique Gifts:

Did you find a beach stone while adventuring with someone special? Surprise them with a bespoke piece of jewelry that captures a moment in time or a cherished memory from your adventures together. Refind Silver Jewelry makes for heartwarming gifts and spark conversations.

Embrace Calm and Healing:

Refind Silver Jewelry isn't just about aesthetics; it's a tangible connection to the tranquility of the sea and rugged coastline. Each stone holds the serenity of the ocean, acting as a soothing talisman during challenging times. Rub your special stone with worries, and let the calming energy wash over you with a sense of peace and ease.

Much like you, every stone has a story, and I can't wait to hear about yours!

I'm passionate about turning your treasures into tangible, wearable keepsakes that capture your special memories and cherished moments. Or maybe you have a deep connection with 'Mother Nature' and wish to wear your special stone as an amulet or a reminder of the natural beauty all around us. What ever your tale, I want to help tell it.

I don't just craft jewelry; I weave your stories into each creation and pour my heart into the work I create.

Below are a few "made for you" piece I've recently completed.
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