February Fling: Self-Love for Valentine's Day and Beyond

February Fling: Self-Love for Valentine's Day and Beyond

Embracing Self-Love: Beating the Winter Blues and Celebrating You

It's February, the month of love, but also the time when winter's chill can leave us feeling a bit blue. Are you feeling it? Whether you're rocking the single life or navigating the ups and downs of a relationship, this month let's embrace self-love and care. Let's shake off those winter blues and celebrate ourselves!

Winter can be tough, right? The shorter days and colder weather often leave us feeling like we want to hibernate with the bears. But fear not! I've got some great tips to help you beat those winter blues to help you feel like the goddess you are.

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Self-Care: First things first, let's talk about self-care. It's not just about bubble baths (my go to) and face masks (although those are totally valid forms of self-love). Self-care is about tuning into what your mind, body, and soul need to feel nourished and fulfilled.

Cozy Nights In: So, what does self-care look like in February? Well, for starters, why not treat yourself to a gilt free, cozy night (or day) of binge watching that show everyone's been raving about or watch that movie that has been on your list for eons or lose yourself in the book that's been collecting dust on your nightside table forever? Snuggle up with a fluffy blanket, a cup of hot cocoa (or wine, no judgement here!), and just relax. Remember, it's okay to take time for yourself and recharge your batteries.

Try Something New: If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, why not try something new? Sign up for that yoga class you've been meaning to check out, take a solo hike in nature, or indulge in a creative hobby like pottery or crafting. The possibilities are endless when it comes to showing yourself some love. Who know's, you might even meet some interesting people. 

Empowering Friends: My personal fav, and it seems to work like medicine... Surround yourself with an incredible tribe of women who genuinely cherish and uplift you, and support you through every twist and turn of life's journey. They're the ones you share belly-aching laughter with, shed tears of joy and sorrow with, and spill your deepest secrets to without a second thought. Grab a coffee, connect on the sidelines while the kiddo's are at practice or send each meme's late at night. There is power in these connections.

And when life throws you a curveball (because inevitably, it will), remember life throws curveballs at us all, and it's perfectly okay not to be okay some days.  We all have our moments of struggle, and that's perfectly normal. But if you find yourself having more down days than up, don't hesitate to lean on your support system. Reach out to a trusted friend or seek guidance from a professional – you're not alone in this journey. By acknowledging your challenges and taking proactive steps to address them, you're demonstrating incredible strength and resilience- and grace toward yourself...


Valentine's Day: A Celebration of You

And let's not forget about the pressure of Valentine's Day. Who says it's just for couples? This year, why not make it all about you? Treat yourself to a fancy dinner, buy yourself that gorgeous piece of jewelry you've been eyeing, or simply spend the day doing whatever brings you joy (even if that entails not getting out of bed on the 14th!).

Remember, if you're single, you're no less deserving of love and happiness, it just means you haven't found your 'other' just yet. Or maybe, just maybe, you are perfectly content being independent and on your own and that's ok too. So this Valentines Day, make it the perfect opportunity to focus on yourself and cultivate a deeper relationship with the most important person in your life – you!

Relationships: Authentic Gestures Over Grand Gestures

And for those of you in relationships, Valentine's Day can sometimes feel like a lot of pressure. But here's the thing – it's not about grand gestures or expensive gifts (it took me years to figure this out!). It's about showing your partner how much they mean to you in whatever way feels authentic and true to your relationship. 

Conclusion: Show Yourself Some Love

So, whether you're single, taken, somewhere in between, or blazin' you own trail, remember to show yourself some love this February. You deserve it, friend! And hey, who needs a significant other when you've got yourself?

Here's to a month filled with self-love, laughter, and plenty of sparkle. Always remember, the best love story begins with you.


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